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Municipal committee inspection to the fairy sea area supervision of production safety situation
日期:2015-11-09 点击 | 小 大 | 打印 关闭

On September 28, the municipal committee inspection to the fairy sea area to carry out the general supervision of work safety in production in 2015.District party working committee, management committee, deputy director of ming-guo wang to participate in supervision.

Inspectorate to listen to fairy sea area safety report in 2015
Inspection teams to visit the nursing home, longyuan safety work conference center and other units to carry out the situation, listened to the fairy sea area in detail report of production safety work in 2015.
Inspection team leader liao highly affirmed the fairy sea area roughly 2015 completion of the work of production safety.She asked, fairy sea area we need to implement the new "safety production law", to strengthen security work of leadership, combinative oneself is actual do a good job during the National Day tourist travel safety, strengthen key areas hidden perils in safety management, adhere to the strict law enforcement, vigorously promotes the reform implementation, earnestly work safety in production in 2015, and hold safety work fine, scratching, in place.
Area between the department, the bureau, SheFa bureau, city construction bureau, urban management bureau and brigade, agricultural center, performance related personnel to participate in supervision.(performance)


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