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Fairy sea area to develop the electronic commerce and Internet + work
日期:2015-11-09 点击 | 小 大 | 打印 关闭

Fairy sea area closely around the CPC municipal committee and municipal government and electronic commerce "Internet +" as the city's "number one project" the development of modern service industry development strategy, actively promote the depth of the electronic commerce and other industries.
Intensify propaganda.Make full use of network, electronic screen, to release more than 80 various types of information, in-depth LeiYao, longyuan, good luck to direct dialogue more than 10 times, head of the enterprise and enterprise publicity of the significance of the development of e-commerce, use effect and so on, leading cadres at all levels, who are interested in the youth entrepreneurship, actively involved in the electronic commerce application, form everyone understand e-commerce, all with good atmosphere of e-commerce.Of the 16 villages and the residents' committees in parts, selecting suitable personnel to carry out the electronic commerce.In-depth cooperation with unicom company, for this year to complete the entire district WIFI no dead Angle, through the phone APP will district tourism and catering, accommodation for packaging.
Strengthen the professional training.Invite experts to be DaiXun mains business association, special training to carry out the policy interpretation, conceptual change.Experts into LeiYao organization area, good luck, and other enterprises to carry out the one-on-one training project, put forward reasonable Suggestions, help enterprise and entrepreneurship intention youth preliminary to master relevant knowledge of network marketing, improve enterprise core competitiveness.For fairy sea area special tourism projects and municipal tourism bureau and electricity industrial park to communicate to negotiate in the zone and the fairy sea area tourism industry and wisdom of the fusion.
Developing agricultural electricity companies.Insists on a top priority of the development of rural electricity as agriculture and rural areas, is committed to agricultural e-commerce platform construction, currently, 11 municipal leading enterprises, 16 village, a neighborhood committees, copper tile loquat professional cooperatives, incense GuoXian garden fruit has professional cooperatives set up the Internet platform, agricultural service center set up Taiwan, supervision and management of the published content and at the same time, promotes the development of agricultural enterprises.Two agricultural enterprises, two professional cooperatives set up online sales, 1 agricultural companies opened offline experience pavilion, this year, green cubic online sales more than 30 strains of walnut seedlings, walnuts sales more than 20000 boxes, dew copper tile loquat online sales of more than 25000 boxes, realize the online fusion development of agricultural products.
Strengthen the policy support.Management committee attaches great importance to, set up work to advance leadership team, formulate supporting policies and plans to plan to arrange a special fund 1 million yuan key used to support and reward enterprise electronic commerce application and the development of rural information and communication infrastructure and construction, at the same time, according to the enterprise tax situation and so on to give prizes.Promoting informatization, and promote the Internet combined with the depth of the tourism industry, agriculture, industry, encourage electricity enterprises from the sea, and support the development of the stores and all-round service, efforts to achieve online interaction.(the office, the bureau, agricultural center)

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