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Provincial tourism administration to guide fairy sea tourism industry development
日期:2015-11-09 点击 | 小 大 | 打印 关闭

On September 16, provincial tourism bureau deputy director Zheng Xuebing one line to the fairy guide tourism industry development, sea Tan Li, city tourism bureau deputy director fu jie, fairy sea area vice secretary of working committee, management committee director Wei Kui, accompanied by working committee, deputy secretary, secretary of the JiGongWei Zhu Xian kay.

Zheng Xuebing (second from right) details about fairy sea terminal
Zheng Xuebing line has deep sea yingbin square, luck pier, sports fitness park, has carried on the field to see, and listen to the Wei Kui fairy sea tourism industry development of a detailed report, he said, the good fairy sea ecological environment, rich in tourism resources, tourism development conditions.He pointed out that fairy sea advantages, should make full use of the mechanism and system firmly grasp the rare opportunity mianyang sci-tech city transformation of scientific and technological achievements, for the province's tourism industry development fund, the fairy sea construction become a has driven radiation effect of tourism industry demonstration zone, push the sea tourism industry bigger and stronger.(text brigade center)

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