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Xianhai Scenery
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King building
King building, is located in mianyang city, sichuan province, at the top of the guishan is a taizong its eighth son king Li Zhenren continous secretariat of state built,
Mianyang science and technology museum
Mianyang science and technology museum by wind tunnel entertainment, theme pavilions, ball screen shadow court and central studios in four parts.The science and technology museum with "rocket" as the theme, China, covers an area of 88000 square
The fule mountain park
The fule mountain, is located in the southern section of "intones sword door", east 2 kilometers in mianyang city, formerly known as dongshan, also known as the peak.According to the song "party and -"
Who in the valley
Mianyang city xin co., LTD., is committed to the traveling scenic area management and promote who valley scenic area tourism, to build Chinas first travel portal.Valley who is the first in China with traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health as
Nine huang mountain scenic spot
Beichuan, the cloud QiangZhai tourism development co., LTD., founded in 2008, on November 6, the company is located in beichuan qiang autonomous county GuiXi township.Mainly engaged in natural scenic spot tourism services, tourism hotel, accommodation, cu
Xunlong Mountain
Scenic spots belong to the second batch of national geological park, China has a peculiar karst landforms and gravel rock group, set under natural scenery and the shu human amorous feelings is famous bashu one.Scenic spots under the wolong hole, Long Yin
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