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Nine huang mountain scenic spot

    Beichuan, the cloud QiangZhai tourism development co., LTD., founded in 2008, on November 6, the company is located in beichuan qiang autonomous county GuiXi township.Mainly engaged in natural scenic spot tourism services, tourism hotel, accommodation, culture and entertainment services, passenger ropeway transportation services, with his bare hands to catch the hunting ground, hunting grounds fixed operation and management, etc.Now has the national AAAA level scenic spots - nine huang mountain scenic spot.


Company after the establishment of the comprehensive management of the national AAAA level scenic spots nine huang mountain scenic area, formerly known as the west qiang nine ape king hole in huangshan scenic area), and the investment of 690 million yuan for the scenic area reconstruction and further development.Reopened on July 5, 2010.Scenic area with humanity and nature, with the western qiang culture as the main line of of primitive simplicity, intact, true reproduction of the ancient west qiang cultural relics and living custom, full-bodied amorous feelings of the qiang people, the interpretation of natural scenery to attract tourists, is experience western qiang amorous feelings, leisure vacation, is engaged in the business conference, the research and the health care keeping in good health comprehensive scenic spot.


Scenic area development area of 25 square kilometers, the scenic spots and tourism projects have been completed including natural freehand arrest hunting ground, qiang wang hunting grounds, ape king hole, the lover bridge, west qiang vacation hotel, XianShan hotel, matsuyama, natural mineral springs, QiangZhai garden resort, four different styles of cableway, jump high atc type slide, qiang people felt, mar, ecological culture art wall, YunBao top sports leisure zone, qiang folk culture area, Peng Guliang ecological recreational area, etc., together constitute the nine huang mountain scenic area biodiversity and cultural diversity, sports recreational sex and sightseeing entertainment organic combination of characteristics of the scenic spot.
Full-bodied and qiang culture, interpretation of beautiful natural scenery and perfect tourism facilities and personalized service, won the praise of the industry and the vast majority of tourists.

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