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  Mianyang city xin co., LTD., is committed to the traveling scenic area management and promote who valley scenic area tourism, to build China's first travel portal.Valley who is the first in China with traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health as the theme of the mountain resort, is also a 5.12 earthquake in sichuan province after the first, according to the standard of the national AAAA level traveling scenic area of new scenic spots.Located in China's only qiang autonomous county -- chakpori in beichuan qiang autonomous county, mianyang city, sichuan province, now belong to administrative divisions beichuan county township GuiXi LinFeng Village, resort with a total area of about 10 square kilometers.

This is a remote domain of intoxicating, refreshing, quiet and colorful; 

This is a amazing place, who dungeons, lotus hide soldier hole, hole, stone forest allows you to experience nature in heaven and earth nature in ten thousand; 

This is a place for the summer vacation, lily magnolia flower hotel hidden in large lily magnolia flower in the forest.Walk the grass forest, the light wind gently brushed, pure and fresh and cool.Sit the shade pavilion, view the mountainous, brilliant flowers;
This is a place full of rich culture, three hundred mu of subject of traditional Chinese medicine culture garden, let you through history, lingering aftertaste.
This is a place, can let a person satori liberation who Buddha, DaMaDong, orange heart let you quiet life, yangxin raises a gender.
This is a place for keeping in good health, eat medicine medicinal food, herbal tea, taste the wine, smell gas and tirelessness, enjoy flower, medicine, worship zen, let your tired body and mind to regain health, career endeavor.

This is who valley, China's first with traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health as the theme of tourist resort.

    She in sichuan, in beichuan.

Who valley area is rich in traditional Chinese medicine, mountain medicine one hundred tree, legend has it "Chinese medicine disambiguation (according to" is in mianyang, sichuan scarltet disambiguation) and who sun simiao have lived in the mountains herbalism, residents to who bodhisattva has always been the custom in the mountains, valley who hence the name.

Who valley accessibility is good, traffic location advantages, close to the east (jiangyou ~ pingwu) nine rings, 23 kilometers away from the hometown of li bai jiangyou, 64 km away from mianyang city, 166 kilometers away from chengdu.

Who have mountain valley of cool and refreshing in the flowers of reputation, and in accordance with the natural medicinal herbs of area within a few hundred years history of the original forest special aura, carefully creating the present domestic only for sub-health population to carry out the national physician medical and healthy opsonize holiday products.Here, you can feel the long-standing national physician culture, enjoy personalized, one-on-one Chinese medicine physical examination, physical conditioning program, to achieve "view making wonders and fairy medicine aura, enlightenment wisdom of life, a tired body", let visitors away from the urban lane, carefree can enjoy the pleasure of body and mind to repair.

Who valley tourist resort area with more than 7000 mu shall forest, numerous precious rare medicinal herbs tree trunk or forest, or born in the forests, up to five hundred years.More than 60 kinds of ornamental flowers, traditional Chinese medicinal materials in March to November each year flowers bloom, flowers into the sea, mountain into potential, form a spectacular alpine four seasons flower flowers and wonders.Raw medicinal herbs and traditional Chinese medicine plant aroma fragrant forest, moist air contains more than hundred aromaticity Chinese molecules, thus constitutes the mysterious "fairy medicine field"!"Our Chinese medicine disambiguation and who sun simiao have xianju hereat, searching mountain herbs, medicine books, indigenous planting excavation of wood used herbs for a living for a long time, long life less disease, known far and near.

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