Immortal sea scenic area is located in Mianyang City in northeastern suburban, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Jianmenshudao, the three tourism hotline link area, 15 km away from the urban area, Chengdu, about 130 km, and high-speed Mian, Mian Sui - connected, traffic is very convenient.Scenic area in the pursuit of human life in the future, the pursuit of a holiday, leisure, sports, health, convention and exhibition business, so that people can enjoy the mountains and water, static overflow and smart. The total area of 75 square kilometers, with the center of the lake to the sea as the center of the extension. Xian Hai Lake, also known as heavy anti reservoir, built in 1997, flood control, irrigation, tourism as one of the comprehensive water conservancy project and is known as "the second Dujiangyan, Wudu diversion works Fu Zi canal in the large reservoir, Sichuan Province is the only National Water Conservancy Scenic Area. The core area of the center of the lake, the total area of 13.8 square kilometers, from 6.8 square kilometers of shallow hills and 7 square kilometers of water, the land forest cover rate of 90%. Capacity of 1.04 billion cubic meters, lake depth as Yeda 3.8 km, terrestrial forest coverage rate reached 90%, the broad deep lake and surrounded by mountain bay, a beautiful ecological environment, Lake Forest Resort climate significantly.Embedded in the high mountains and lofty hills Xian Hai Lake is between shallow hilly and artificial lakes in Northwest Sichuan unique natural and cultural landscape, with the main. Fairy sea lake dam, fairy tree, Dragon Hill Ecological Park, Avenue of Huangbai, cloud cover temple, Kwun Yam Temple and other main attractions, the waters of the vast, numerous islands, interspersed with each other, forming the twists and turns of the lakeshore, berthing, 40 km long, formed a "mountain hold water, water diffuse mountain", "mountain water liner, water azalea", landscape color, harmony of the natural picture. Water quality Qinglie, secondary surface water, more cormorant, egrets, wild fish wildlife is a amazing magical treasure
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